“It’s been-a-looooooong-time-co-ming – Its-goin-to-be-a-Long-Time-Gone“. YES, it’s been a long time gone since my previous post. Sometimes, life requires your full attention, and this is when you get lost and waste time. Although I have managed to dig up several interesting things in the noxious world of cultural London.

Firstly, the infamous Strand gallery went for a quite a raunchy exhibit. For two weeks, the Strand turned into a Temptation den: The Guild of Erotic Artists set canvas to the gallery’s bosom laying on the wall hundreds of – mostly – naked female imagery. Fits and bannies were thus pasted all over the walls – pictured, painted, pictured and painted over, casts and metalworks – all dedicated to the precious charms of Aphrodite. Gosh, it was heavy. it was so overpowering that it felt the walls sweated the most lubric collection of genitalia. Tempted? Not really, but to what? To whom and where? Maybe a narrower selection would have been enough. However, as some of the artworks present were interesting, I invite you to check some of the names from the card below. As subjective as art can be…


Secondly, I went to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in Hyde Park and witnessed the architectural/sculptural work of Adrián Villar Rojas. Bit late on schedules for you to see since the exhibit will soon be replaced by the Chapmans, I however very much liked Villar Rojas’ work, like a walk though a museum of sculptures themed or inspired from Dali’s paintings. Mostly sculptures, it was lovingly unsettling to see vegetation imprisoned into casts or the bust of an agonizing Jesus made of little lumps of sculpted mud/earth imitating the strokes of a brush – as close I can get to describe it.

Now to immediately get to today’s point, I have in my previous post on the two artists responsible for Meat Slap – I leave you with the post right here – I was explaining how the duo had gone from cracking such a weird piece and becoming internet emblems. Well, my dear cabbage lovers here is an interview I conducted of the pair.

Now leaving you with the prospect of maybe seeing or reading from me for Modern Panic IV – 458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG – I wish you a nice day. Remember – or not – to either like La Feuille de Cabbage on Facebook or sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Love you bye!

Victor Cabbage


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