antoineIt’s been a while since my last post on photography but the (my) world of art hasn’t stopped: it’s gone wild. Launching #Raiders of the Sound, a monthly column on noise music research, my last interview went to RORO PERROT, a 40 year old experimental musician. I have also been writing for a cross Atlantic publication called Bad at Sports a blog from artists for artists based in Chicago.

I have so far played up twice – Alex Schweder and his Performance Architecture event at the Tate Britain, invited people to perform architecture in a redefined architectural void. I have also written on Black Metal Chicken a sound/theatrical performance group from London: you can find the article here The sordid and grotesque world of art – where there’s violence there’s love. The event questioned our relation, as beings, to reality. I personally very much loved the whole lot. It was macabre and quite upsetting but it stirred some good critical points. Sorry for all the link listing but I thought important to keep you in touch!

Oh, and for those of you living in London fancying a chat on the fact that “2013 ain’t cute” or simply on sprouts, I’ll be going to a fundraising party on the 3rd of April (tomorrow from 8 pm) for New Noveta at Manero’s Private Members Club wearing a woolen trilby with a fake press pass in it.

Until then I wish you all the best.

Your humble narrator.Cabbage


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