Since our previous attempt at approaching the aesthetic dimension of photography through the quite controversial research in “Leigh Ledare et al” here is a follow up from a young Russian photo artist recently met in London whose prime interest lies in the instant quality of a scenery.

Portrait of the artist.

Janie Jones: Portrait

I am sitting at the counter of The Alibi in Dalston, London, where Chanel n5 and the stench of booze floats in the air as thick as fog. Tucked in the corner I am in the pleasant company of Janie Jones discussing “Another Wasted Night” a Tumblr she started in January.

“I don’t see myself as a photographer but I am more of an artist”, she starts and here is what followed.

“I am 22 years old and I’ve been living in London for the past 5 years currently residing in Stoke Newington. I originally come from Rostov-on-Don. My hometown is the southern federal district of Russia bordering Ukraine. Summers are really hot (I know no one expects it in Russia!) and people are great too. We also have a massive cemetery – some say it’s the biggest one in Europe – it’s around 370 hectares (915 acres) and has busses running through.

04“My work is influenced by current affairs and music and my favorite subjects are people and portraits in weird situations. Originally, I wanted to become a psychiatrist, but my father was against it. It was my Arts teacher who got me into photo but it always used to be my hobby and nothing else.

“I’m a big fan of Francis Bacon. His art is astonishing, deep and dark like a feeling of a comforting depression. I also admire Jesse Peper and Otto Dix. I prefer to look up to artists rather than photographers. “I can never over-think any of my art – to me it has to be the matter of an instance, that way I trap certain emotions without having to fake them.


“One of Us” (left) was shot at a house party. I didn’t know whether the girl in it knew about that ‘graffiti’ behind her – I always try to find a ‘perfect space so I also love working from home.

“There was a really long period of time when I couldn’t go anywhere near my camera, or my paintings. Luckily it is now behind me: “there ain’t nothing that Jameson can’t fix”.

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