Illustration courtesy of Ophelie Delvecchio @ dirtybonesclub.tumblr.com

The day we lost dear dear dear Amy, we lost more than just a celebrity. We lost an artist and a young one. What we didn’t lack though is the pre and post-mortem coverage.

Plethoras of highlights on her “tumultuous” life, “troubled” or “deeply flawed”. Question: Wouldn’t you like to know whether X,Y or Z are regularly off their faces when composing?

From watching to reading to listening, from early age to decay, everyone is subjected to other people creations. Whether it hurts or enlightens – or goes completely unnoticed – the cultural message has gone through. Yet, how about the fact that the artist is/was alcoholic and a drug user – or abuser? Does the lifestyle undermine the content?

Obviously, it takes to arguing affocionados a good while before they start to regard a creation in its context. When I was a student in Fine Art, I remember reading a quote saying that Van Gogh, if no booze was available, would chew on his oil painting tube for a meagre high. Some say this is what sent him to suicide. Some say he had already gone. Nonetheless, his legacy remains intact and his paintings now sell for a few millions.

Following that example let seewhat’s next onthe list.

Romantic spokesperson and Art’s critic, Baudelaire was also one of them: Get Drunk, a poem inviting to get drunk but more specifically Artificial Paradise celebrates the A to Z of booze, puff, snuff and other cerebral confinement. Further along also came Apollinaire, chanting the several nights he spent in custody in Alcools.

Later on, it did not take long for the 60s to kick in with it its truckload of heavily brain damaging liberties. While pot cruises hand to hand in what remains of the Vietnam war, a profound synergy suddenly fills radio waves: Cash, Hendrix, Morrison (Jim) were known for indulging in powerful withdrawing from reality while English 60s artists sat on the tail of a ferocious dragon.

This said it didn’t cast them out of the public eye nor did they disappear them from the stone of eternal remembrance. Who cares as far as the job is done, hey?


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